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At VJP, we have the infrastructure and expertise to design and develop castings of the most challenging complexities. Our design and development efforts are aimed at designed to global standards of quality. With trained and qualified personnel with considerable expertise in casting design & product development, we offer the finest casting design services in the industry. Mastery over the design process ensures that the aluminium components we design exhibit high structural integrity ,while being completely compatible with their end applications.

We have the capability to undertake casting to be compatible with the most stringent specifications of our customers. Our castings are designed using the latest digital tools and tested with simulation softwares for compatibility and consistency. The hallmarks of our casting design and development program are

green sand moulding
greensandmoulding   greensandmouldings
  • Speed - We have the capability to deign & develop complex products and components with short lead times.
  • Superior Quality - Quality is maintained through strict adherence to the relevant standards of every
    we cater to.
  • Economical - By speeding up the design and development process, we provide our customers with the products they need faster without any compromise on quality.
  • Versatility - We have the capability to develop products with complete freedom of design.
  • Efficiency & Efficacy - Our design expertise offers us the capability to develop products for multiple products from single & integral casts.

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