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Some of the products made using Gravity Die casting process are Housings, Junction boxes, impellers, Valve bodies, Flanges, Manifolds, Actuator bodies, Compressor parts, Electrical fittings parts, Covers.

Permanent mould casting get their name from the fact that the process utilizes permanent metal moulds instead of temporary sand moulds for the casting process. Cast iron is the most commonly used mould materials as it offers great reliability during casting. The cores are made from other metals or sand. The cavity surfaces of the moulds are coated with fine layers of materials that have good heat-resistant properties such as clay or sodium silicate.

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The moulds used in casting are pre-heated upto 200 ºC (392 ºF) before the molten metal is poured into the cast cavity. Casting has to be done with care in order to ensure that proper thermal balance in maintained throughout the casting process. This is done through a variety of ways including external cooling techniques using water or relevant radiation techniques.

Gravity die casting, while not offering the same level of design flexibility and ease pattern usage as sand castings, it has the advantage of offering relatively lower design and development costs as well as production costs. At VJP, we have the expertise to undertake permanent mould castings or gravity die casting of complex components of diverse application in various industries.
  Impeller Castings Process Capability   aluminium castings
Max Weight                                =     75 Kgs
Max Size                                     =     800 X 800 mm
Minimum Wall Thickness       =     3.5 mm
    Housing Castings Process Capability   aluminium casting
Economical Order Quantity     =    2000 Number
Casting Tolerance                    =    ± 0.5 mm
  Switch Gear Cover Castings Process Capability   aluminium castings
Surface Finish                        =     4 - 12 Microns
Minimum Core hole size      =     6 mm



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