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In our manufacturing operations, we have a sustained and close interaction with the environment. Therefore, caring for the environment has been a focal issue in our business philosophy. While consistent and speedy development is important, it is not to come at the cost of the environment. We believe that the organization and every one of its employees has a responsibility towards safeguarding the environment.

Protecting and preserving the environment is ensured through enforcing strict norms and regulatory standards throughout our operations. We have consistently providing industry benchmarks for safety & health standards. An enlightened environmental policy is not only symbolic of our dedication to society, but also of our commitment to provide safe products to customers at all times.

To ensure that we deliver on our commitment to safe environments, we have implemented an effective environment policy that ensures:

sand castings

1. Adherence to environmental regulations and legislations on a national and international levels.

2. Ensuring that all employees understand and aid in the implementation of environmental friendly
     practices throughout our operations.

3. Ensuring policy implementation & compliance through periodic audits.

Through sustained efforts & established procedures, we have stood firm on our commitment to ensuring a clean and green environment. It is the safety of our environment that we ensure a safe and sound future for all humanity.

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